Dance Pole Portable Fitness Excerise Stripper Strip


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45mm Pole
No ceiling fixings required / Comprehensive assembly instructions with DVD includes
Static or spinning (6 ball bearings), two hidden screws to lock/unlock
Expendable from 7 ft 4 in to 9 ft / Screw together tube joints from maximum strength, stability and smoothness
Angular stability lock, helps stabilizes your dancing pole / Double width pole support dome, covers 2 ceiling joists

Dance Pole Portable Fitness Exercise Stripper Strip.

Experience the exciting world of dancing pole exercise and dance in your own home. Enjoy the exhilarating fun of a pole workout or spice up your parties and dance with your friends. Weather a beginner, intermediate or professional, dancing pole is produced with the highest standards guaranteeing you the best pole experience of the market. Featuring some of the most advanced engineering you’ll find in the world of pole exercise and dance. Removable and fully portable, it is quick and easy to install and its clean, ergonomic design looks great in any surrounding.

Bondage & fetish, Sex toys, Women sex toys

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