The Original Bada Bing X-treme Portable Dance Pole


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Adjusts from 7’4″ to 9′ ceiling height
Chrome finish pole
Designed for most maneuvers when installed properly
Quick and easy installation with no tools
Rubber rings to protect floor and ceiling

The Original Bada Bing X-treme Portable Dance Pole.


Headed to the “Gentlemen’s Club” tonight? Fuhgeddaboudit!! Bring the club anywhere you want with The Original Bada Bing X-Treme Dance Pole!

You can now bring the excitement, appeal and sexual seduction of pole dancing right into the comfort and privacy of your own home. With the Bada Bing X-Treme Dance Pole, you can now bring that element of desire anywhere using a sturdy, durable product that can help you entertain your partner and keep fit at the same time.

Exotic pole dancing has become all the rage in the fitness world these days with an intense workout which can burn calories which doing aerobic exercises.

The all new X-treme version easily attaches to your ceiling without the use of any hardware. No drilling and no holes in your ceiling. This means that you can easily transport the pole anywhere that you wish.

Only the X-treme version allows you to do moves like the pros in your own home when installed properly! It can be set up to be static (stationary) or adjusted to be a spinning pole.

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